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Portable and Temporary 4G Broadband Internet Solutions

Are You Working In An Area Without Any Broadband

We can put together a short or long term 4G broadband internet rental solution that is flexible to meet your needs. Often we can offer a “next day” delivery when your enquiry is urgent. Our short term portable 4G internet solutions are ideal if you need connectivity instantly. They are ideal if you:

  • Are Waiting For A New Fixed Line Connection Or Repair

  • Require Internet Failover

  • Need Internet Access For A Temporary Exhibition Or Event

  • Have A Building Site That Needs WiFi Or CCTV

  • Are Travelling In A Boat Or Mobile Caravan

4G Broadband Internet

Our 4G Broadband Internet solutions are versatile and perfectly suitable for home or business. If you don’t have internet access then our 4G broadband could provide the perfect solution. We can offer fast surfing speeds, large capacity and simple set up.

Our mobile office solution is a complete kit to get you a office set up. Ideal for locations such as construction sites and outdoor events, this quick and easy kit could be the answer for you. Our mobile office kit comes complete with a VoIP phone, WiFi, 4G Router, cabling, 4G antennas and sim cards and is ready to install in a few simple minutes. You can also connect your CCTV and security systems to enable remote access.

4G Business Failover

Businesses rely on a stable and secure internet connection, especially in multi-site operations where branches are connected across cloud networks. Loss of a sites internet connection can be disastrous and very costly. What happens in your business when the Internet is down. No email, no incoming orders, no web browsing, no news or market feeds. Our 4G broadband internet can provide an excellent backup solution, immediately cutting in, in the event of a fixed internet connection failure. Allowing your business activities to continue to operate normally. Once your broadband service is restored, our system automatically switches back to that.

4G Load Balancing

When not being used for failover, our 4G internet can be used as a second connection simultaneously with your main one for load balancing. This effectively increases your total Internet bandwidth by distributing your Internet traffic across both connections.

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