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Data Networks, WiFi & Telecom System Installation

A reliable data network is now one of the, if not, most essential elements to any project. Connectivity is the foundation of effective communication, particularly for smart homes and business. In today’s online world, a lot of investment is being made into faster internet connections, security and firewalls. Your local area data network (LAN) and WiFi are critical to providing a fast, secure and reliable means of transporting data and voice. Havi can plan, install and maintain your network infrastructure to make sure you are always fully connected.

Networking and Communication Infrastructure

Havi are a leading data infrastructure and electrical services company based in the south of England operating throughout Hampshire, Dorset and surrounding counties. Our experienced team of engineers offer our clients the most secure, robust and scalable solutions to their networking requirements. Our data network and communications services include:

  • Local Area Networks

  • Single Mode & Multi Mode Fibre Optic Networks

  • Managed Wireless Networks and WiFi

  • Point to Point  Network Links

  • VoIP and Telecoms

Structured Cabling

The heart of any business or home IT infrastructure lies in the physical network. From structured cabling, to routers and full gigabit managed switches. We offer a fully managed service from design to implementation and on-going support. Increasing data requirements, cloud services and multiple applications running through the network can place a strain on older network infrastructures. CAT6 and CAT6a Ethernet cabling addresses the issue by providing greater network capacity and faster transfer speeds. Our experienced networking engineers are on hand to design, install and support a full CAT6 network for your home or business.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Havi are fibre optic installation specialists installing both internal and external fibre optic networks. We design and install fibre optic data cabling networks that deliver faster speeds over greater distances much more securely. Our team are experienced professionals, trained to work on fibre optic cabling networks with both Single-mode and Multi-mode fibre cabling. We will design a fibre optic cabling route or network to meet your project needs and requirements. Our engineers will work with you to advise the best type of cabling to meet your project and budget needs.

Fully Managed WiFi Solutions

Our wireless network (WiFi) solutions are designed to deliver wired-like connectivity and performance in homes and business premises where fast mobile connectivity is expected to be the norm. We specialise in the design, installation and management of bespoke WiFi networks. Regardless of the size of your property, we offer the solution and expertise to help you get connected with a WiFi network that’s right for you. Our WiFi experts will conduct a thorough and in-depth technical analysis to ensure optimal coverage and trouble-free service. We understand that our clients require a ‘future-proof’ investment, which is why we design all of our WiFi networks to be scalable and only use the highest grade components.

VoIP And Telecoms

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows our clients to make telephone calls over the internet in a highly flexible and cost effective manner. Utilising your data network, VoIP replaces traditional phone systems and expensive line costs. Perfect for home and businesses of all sizes, our phone systems provide highly flexible and scalable benefits. We provide everything you need, from the network cabling to, installation, training and support.

4G Broadband Internet

4G signals are typically used by today’s smartphones to give you Internet access on your mobile device. However with the right equipment, 4G can be almost immediately installed to provide a fast and reliable broadband internet solution for your home or business. This can offer one of the best broadband solutions for remote and rural properties.

A Reliable Data Network Will Benefit Your Smart Home

It’s crucial to have a robust, secure, fast and reliable data network as nearly all smart home, media, entertainment devices and communications rely on it. Data, TV, telephony, music, CCTV and a host of other services have merged to use the same wires and technology. The increased use of data hungry streaming and cloud based services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer add to the overall strain on the network.

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