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Smart Home Automation Services Hampshire and Dorset

Discover the simplicity of a well designed, smart home and take control of your living spaces. Intelligent integrated technology will ensure your time at home is simple, enjoyable, convenient, and secure. We design, install and programme smart home automation systems across the south of the UK including Hampshire and Dorset.

A Smarter Home

Our smart home automation solutions make you the true master of your home. Easily and intelligently control every aspect of your property—from lighting, security, heating, home cinema, music and more, even if you are miles away. Alternatively, schedule items or let them happen automatically. Music can stream throughout your home from any source. When it is movie time, have the lights dim, the blinds lower and the TV select the right input, with one button press. Your security system arms automatically as the lights go out the minute everyone is safe in bed. It is that simple and fully customisable for any home, big or small. Working with us at Havi, you can expect:

  • A System That Works With The Brands You Trust

  • A Bespoke Smart Home Design

  • Easy Control Of Your Home Devices From One App

  • A Professional Installation

  • First Class Support

Life Is More Convenient With Home Automation

Life gets busy, but when your home technology is connected into one simple to use home automation platform, it helps take away some of those little daily stresses. A true smart home system helps make life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easier to enjoy. Stay connected to your home anywhere in the world with real-time notifications, doorbell alerts, access control and smart home security.

“Alexa, Turn On My Home”

We have all been there. You are walking through the door into a dark house, arms full. Wouldn’t it be nice to ask your home to offer a helping hand? Now you can. A simple voice command, such as “Alexa, turn on welcome” brings the lights on in the hall and kitchen. At the same time, it starts your favourite Spotify playlist and locks the door behind you. With just a few words, open the curtains while getting ready for work or adjust the temperature from bed. Verbally set a “Dinner” scene that dims the lighting and turns on your favourite playlist. Or create a “Bedtime” scene that turns off the lights, locks the doors and arms the alarm. This is smart home automation with voice control.

Make Your Home A Smart Home

A smart home automation system is a control platform that connects the many different types of technology in your home together. Our smart home systems enable you and your family to control nearly every device and system in your home in ways that are easy and fun to use. We will consolidate your home technology into one user interface, syncing your favourite home technology brands and devices to work together. You will be able to operate your home through a secure touchscreen, handheld remote, keypad, voice or app to seamlessly perform the whole-home automation scenes you create.

When you have smart home automation installed into your home, the technology integration possibilities become almost endless. Talk with us to get even more inspiration for your home. We design, install and programme smart home automation systems from Control4, Legrand, URC amongst others.

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