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How To Reduce Energy Costs

Save money on energy costs. Our energy saving tips below give you some tools and tactics that will help you save money on energy usage.

Energy Reduction The Smart Home Way

Smart home products not only make your life safer, more convenient and more fun, they can also help with energy reduction and saving money. Lower your bills by making you home smarter and more energy efficient. From lighting controls to smart thermostats, we offer a variety of products that we can install for homeowners so they can start saving on energy costs today.

Rising energy costs

Rising energy costs (more than a third since 2010) and the global obligation to minimise emissions means reducing the energy consumption of our heating and air conditioning plant has become a primary objective for many consumers. Heating has traditionally been controlled by unintelligent technology. Consumers may have a thermostat in their property, but after programming the thermostat when they first move in, most people promptly forget about it and never touch it again.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat offers the flexibility and power to control the climate in your home efficiently to save energy and lower energy bills. Smart thermostats, like those from NEST, learn your schedule to program themselves, turning down the heat when you’re away, whilst also allowing you to control your heating remotely from your mobile phone. With home automation technology, like Control4, you can lower the thermostat setting and also turn off all the lights and appliances in your home by hitting a single programmed button on the way out the door.

Intelligent lighting controls

At Havi, we are experts in energy efficient intelligent lighting controls. Lighting amounts to a significant amount of energy used. Because it consumes such a large portion of the country’s energy, lighting has also emerged as a priority for energy efficiency efforts. One of the best and simplest ways to save energy is to use intelligent lighting controls to turn off or dim lights when you don’t need them. Using lighting controls we can program schedulers to turn scenes on and off automatically. We can integrate motion sensors which turn off the lights when the room is unoccupied. Setting low brightness scenes for when full brightness is not required saves a significant amount of energy too.

Realise energy savings

Every building space, small or large, can realise energy savings by installing intelligent lighting and heating controls. Havi offers systems incorporating ways to save energy; from lighting dimmers and occupancy sensors to whole home control systems that manage daylight and help control heating and cooling costs.

Havi focus on delivering control applications that will optimise the performance of your systems whilst lowering operating costs and minimising your environmental impact.

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