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Outdoor AV Entertainment Systems

Outdoor living spaces have become an extension to our homes and there are now a wide range of technology solutions built to withstand the elements without compromising performance. Our outdoor AV systems are perfect for when you bring all your party guests over for a BBQ, swimming and entertaining. Add music, video, and a lighting control system to make the perfect garden entertaining space for family and friends. Havi design and install outdoor AV systems throughout Hampshire and Dorset. Below are our 7 Tips for a great outdoor entertainment.

7 Tips for Outdoor Audio Visual Systems

With the return of the sun and the warmth of summer on the way, here are our tips for enjoying your entertainment outside.

1. Use a TV purpose made for the outdoors that can deal with the elements and daylight. Minimise glare by placing your display in a shaded area.

2. Want an outdoor projection setup? Motorised drop-down screens can be used with a carefully housed or portable projector for after-dusk viewing. Locate a projection screen where it can roll up and away when it’s not being used so it will be protected from the elements and raise no visual distractions with the landscape.

3. For audio, think in terms of coverage, not loudness. What you want is even coverage throughout the outdoor area, without any hot spots or dead spots. The best way to accomplish this is to use a landscape speaker system which consists of a number of small speakers. Position the speakers so that they’re firing toward the entertaining area. You’ll get better sound coverage, and you’ll be a better neighbour. Also, when the speakers are placed away from the house, they won’t conflict visually with your home’s design and architecture. You could blend the speakers into the landscape by choosing models that resemble rocks, planters and other garden objects.

4. Need more bass? Complement your outdoor landscape speakers with in-ground sub-woofers. What’s great about the in-ground sub-woofer is that only part of it sticks out of the ground so they are easily hidden.

5. Locating and wiring source components (Sky Box, Blu-ray player etc.) to an outdoor video display can be a major challenge. For safety and reliability, it is essential to keep as much of this equipment inside as possible. Run all outdoor cabling through a conduit. This will help protect it from rodents and garden tools. Even in conduit direct burial or armoured cabling should be used. Remember to keep audio visual and power cables separate in different conduits. The length of outdoor cabling can cause problems. You have to bear in mind what the distance will do to the audio, video and control signals.

6. Want to control your equipment remotely? Rule number one: Don’t bring the remote control near the pool. Rule number two: Always, always, obey rule number one. If basic AV controls are all you’re looking for you can get a simple water-proof controller. Its simple design and rugged weatherproofing make it perfect for poolside AV control.

7. If you’re interested in controlling an entire home automation infrastructure from an outdoor environment, a smartphone controller like the Control4 app can facilitate. An RF (radio frequency) remote is often preferred over IR (infrared) in an outdoor setting, both for greater coverage and to avoid IR interference from bright sunlight.

Need help or would like Havi to install a outdoor AV installation for you? Please get in contact we would be delighted to help.

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