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Electricians Guide to LED Tape

Our electricians guide to LED tape and lighting strips. With over 10 years experience in regularly specifying and installing LED strip lights, Havi has become proficient in delivering first class reliable installations throughout Hampshire and Dorset.

What Is LED Tape

LED tape, also known as LED strip, is a very versatile and contemporary alternative to traditional light fittings. With a wide variety of brightness levels, colours and the flexibility to fit any space, it’s the ideal solution for signage, restaurants, hotels, bars and for your home. LED tape is very easy to install with a self-adhesive backing, all you have to do is simply peel and stick!

LED Tape For Diffused, Indirect Light Sources

Until recently, the principal source of lighting within business and residential spaces were down lights and spot lights. A revolution is taking place in this area, as many lighting designers are opting to use diffused, indirect light sources instead. Flexible LED strip is ideal for this application, allowing long unbroken lengths of light to completely illuminate the space.

Home LED Strip Lighting

In the home LED strip lighting can add a completely new dimension to all living spaces. In the kitchen, probably the most used room in the house, LED strip lighting perfectly accentuates the internal fittings. Because they are small, LED strip is ideal for under shelves and cabinets and their flexibility means they readily adapt to awkward shapes and curves.

LED Tape Solutions For Business

In commercial locations, LED tape offers many advantages over single fittings especially in hotels, restaurants and bars. The cost of installing large numbers of individual lights as demanded in public spaces is dramatically reduced. Using single colour and colour changing LED strip really brings to life and sets the tone for any location, ideal for use in ceilings, bar fronts and coving.

Where Can LED Tape Be Used

LED tape can be used pretty much anywhere. They can be fitted into cupboards, shelves, floors, coffers, stairs and many other places. With a low profile, they are an ideal lighting option to hide from view. IP65 rated waterproof LED strips are fantastic for both indoors and out. With a thin silicone layer on top of the flexible strip, these LED strips can withstand the elements. Waterproof strips are recommended for outdoor and garden lighting, swimming pool lighting, bathroom lighting and under cabinet lighting where moisture or dust can collect.

Quality of LED Strips

Bear in mind not all LED strips are created equal, so don’t get caught out by choosing poor quality unbranded strip lighting that will let you down. There is a huge variety of cheap LED tape on the market today which tends to be of low wattage and unreliable. By making the smart choice and using a high wattage 24V commercial grade LED tape from manufacturers such as Philips & Osram, you can have confidence knowing that the product will perform as intended.

Get The Facts

Get the facts to make sure you make the smart choice. The LED strip is only one part of the installation; you will also need to be confident in the different types of power supplies to use and the wide range of control devices available. Our fully-trained technical staff are ready to put their knowledge and experience of  LED tape to work for you. We can provide end-to-end technical support and advice for your projects, and we will answer any questions you have – whether you are looking for product or seeking advice and guidance about installing your LED strip.

Need help with the specification or installation of LED lighting? or would like us to undertake a lighting design for you then please get in contact we would be happy to help.

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