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A Control4 premium home automation solution makes you the true master of your home. Easily and intelligently control every aspect of your house; From lighting, security, climate control, home cinema, music and more, even if you are miles away.

Havi are authorised Control4 home automation dealers providing installation and support of their smart home products and technology. From our base in Lymington we cover the south of England including Hampshire and Dorset.

Control4 Smart Home Automation

Whether automating your whole home or a dedicated home cinema, Control 4 provides the ideal solution to your smart home control. With a single remote, keypad or app you can control your entertainment system or the entire house. Control4 connects with and “talks to” over 13,500 third-party products and devices. From blinds to thermostats, gates to garage doors, entertainment to security, and almost anything in between. Control4 software is built into thousands of leading consumer electronics, appliances, and network devices to ensure your favourite brands and gadgets work together.

Why Control4?

You may already own dozens of smart home devices, many of them just accessories, managed by different apps. The problem is, while these devices are cool, you are left with disparate experiences and very few of the devices capable of working together. Ironically, although you have invested in-home technology to enhance your life, you have introduced more complexity by installing, updating, and managing these smart products. The Control4 Smart Home Operating System is the platform that simplifies the technology you have accumulated in your home. It is robust, always-on, and intelligent enough to integrate thousands of smart devices, connecting and orchestrating virtually everything in your house.

What does a Control4 entertainment system do?

Entertainment is central to every smart home and controlling the sources of digital entertainment in even the simplest systems is complex. Add to that, the growing number of connected devices we acquire to simplify life and it’s clear that smart homes need the automation horsepower only Control4 can provide. The EA line of smart home controllers is purpose built and priced to deliver the power, performance, reliability and high-impact entertainment for your smart home; Whether in a single room or for an expansive property.

  • One remote controls everything in a single room or around the home

  • 24-bit high-resolution audio as standard

  • Built-in streaming services from Deezer, Napster, TIDAL and TuneIn Radio

  • Interoperates with over 13,500 products and increasing

  • Robust and reliable to power homes of any size

  • Control4 mobile app keeps you connected at home or away

Smart Entertainment For Every TV

Get your smart home started with an entertainment experience that connects and automates all your audio and video devices with a single remote. All your media at your fingertips, from your Blu-ray movies to satellite TV. Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives, and portable devices, or browse through them all simultaneously.
Control4 integrates with all popular products and services such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Roku, Netflix, NowTV and more. And because it is smarter than the average system, it can handle more than just your entertainment. When you are ready for more control, add a thermostat, smart lock or lighting to your family room or home cinema.

High Performance Home Automation In Your Home

Say goodbye to coffee table clutter and hello to just one rechargeable remote that can control everything in your home. A Control4 smart home brings your family together for a more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable home.

Get started with our Control4 starter system. Ideal for rooms where there is a requirement to control a number of media devices from a single remote control. The EA-1 smart home controller includes a built-in music server that allows you to listen to your own music library, stream high-resolution audio from a variety of leading music services or from your AirPlay-enabled devices using ShairBridge technology.

  • 1 x EA-1 controller
  • 1 x SR-260 system remote and recharging station

System cost start from £800 including installation

Control4 Authorised Dealer - Hampshire & Dorset - Havi

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